Third Generation Refrigerator Door Medics

Senior Partners, Dan Rizzo and his brother David Rizzo are third generation refrigerator door medics. In their mind, there isn’t anything in the industry that they haven’t seen or haven’t already fixed. However, most clients are quite wary about whom they trust to service their cold storage equipment.

“So many times, I’ve heard my Dad say, ‘We quoted three hours, but if it takes an extra hour just get it done right,’” said David Rizzo. “Trust me, we wanna stay in our quote times but if it’s just an hour that’s going to make the difference, then we get it.”

“Our call-back percentages are ridiculously low due to that little bit of extra work,” continued David Rizzo. “We’ve always been more about getting the job done right and correct rather than the dollars and cents. We learned from our father, and he learned from his father before him. And we pass that down to everyone who works for us.”