Family Business Breeds Young Talent

Accordingly, Dave and Dan have taught young, talented men like Mark Fennimore, Randy Cappiello, Joe Riceputo, and Timothy Karcher. It’s easy for clients to be satisfied after hearing company executives speak. But it’s not often that each and every employee have the same mantra.

“I always say, we fix the why not the what. For example, you can change brake pads all you want on your car, but if rotors are warped then it won’t matter,” explained Mark Fennimore, Crew Chief Supervisor for Gina Marie.

The commitment to the client seems to flow across the board from Gina Marie’s leaders down to the technicians. The faces that adorn Gina Marie shirts are not only technically sound, but they possess the gold standard in customer service.

Hearing the team members talk, clients will soon come to realize they’ve been brought up on the Rizzo family motto: “Good, Better, Best… Never let it rest until your good is better and your better is best.”

Their mantra is to fix the reason a problem is occurring, rather than just the component a client has noticed isn’t working. What’s more, Gina Marie’s leadership has bred a company culture which reflects these ideals.

“We maintain a family brotherhood type culture,” said David Rizzo. “I have a face-to-face with my guys every morning and talk about dealings with clients, what the day’s job entails, what work to perform, and how to do it with the necessary tools, supplies, and team members.”

“The clients will only see that we are prepared. We act like a big company for our customers, but we are a small, team-oriented operation. And we all feed off each other. There might be a tech that’s stronger in one field that another. We will assign the proper individuals and always help each other out, which is super beneficial for us and for the clients,” explained David Rizzo about his team’s work culture.

He also explained that none of this would be possible without Uncle John Rizzo (another Senior Partner) who manages the finances and “back of the house” work.