Family Culture Creates Standout Repair Service & Installation Cold Storage Company

It was a hot, sunny day in August… Dan Rizzo and Mark Fennimore were on their way back from a job site in Bethesda, Maryland.

“Today we worked on a deli showcase—customers stand and order from the front and the employees stand behind, showcasing meats and cheeses,” explained the Owner of Gina Marie DoorsDan Rizzo. “The glass window on the cases that is supposed to lift up, fell out on one side. I got a phone call and pictures from the client. She said, ‘Nobody can fix this, what makes you think you can fix it?’

“But I was able to use what she sent me to get the tools and parts we needed. So, we took apart the showcase and rebuilt it.”

“We replaced the specialty hardware. The client was a Spanish woman, and at the end I looked at her and said ‘Todo bien!’ She couldn’t believe it.”

March 28, 2020 – Dan Rizzo handling emergency service request during State-Wide shut down