Protect-All Vinyl Flooring

Gina Marie team is made up of certified installers for the Protect-All Vinyl floor covering for Walk-In Cold Rooms, Kitchens & Prep, as well as Food Processing Rooms.

Our “Seamless” Protect-All Flooring product is often one-size fits all solution for client who are not looking for sectional aluminum diamond plate with seams flooring in their walk-in coolers and freezers.

Gina Marie has you covered with Commercial Flooring

    • Slip Resistant
    • Fat & Oil Resistant
    • Mold & Bacteria Resistant
    • Water & Moisture Proof
    • Odor & Stain Resistant
    • Maintenance Free
    • Easy to Clean
    • Compliant with Health Department Regulations
    • Exceeds OSHA & ADA requirements
    • Green Product - 90% Recycled PVC and Vinyl Materials
    • Proudly Made in America