Open Multi-Deck Service Case

Gina Marie services all aspects of a multi-deck service case otherwise known as an open showcase. Our team performs honeycomb and peg board baffle changeouts for desirable airflow. Additionally, we’ll install or changeout pull down night shades for these showcases. Finally, Gina Marie’s team can service any interior issue of the multi-deck showcase.

Gina Marie’s Dan Rizzo comments on an important touch point for Supermarkets everywhere:

“The big issues we are seeing in the meat departments is not in level shelving. But, back wall shelf brackets get worn and sag so the shelves dip up and down. In the Deli Departments you will see these open showcases built into the Walk-In Cooler which is a very expensive procedure. On the interior painted versions, these cases will get interior rust contamination on the bottom deck pans, the ceilings, shelving, and sides of the showcases. We are also seeing that the lighting is failing from the high volume of pulling meats and cheeses in and out of the showcase. So, Gina Marie installs low-profile lighting to prevent them from being hit. In regards to the contamination of rust, Gina Marie will remove and strip down the entire interior of the showcase and upgrade with a high-end, restaurant-grade stainless steel finish for the back wall air screen perforated panels, solid ceiling panels, and stainless shelving platform / shelf brackets. When we are finished it looks like the client has a new showcase with quadruple the service for a fifth of the price of a full showcase replacement.”

  • Service for interior and exterior issues with the multi-deck service case
  • All Departments - Dairy, Deli, Meat, and / or Produce
  • Honeycomb and peg board baffle changeouts promote airflow
  • Night shades available for open showcase
  • Issues resolved via Gina Marie service include:
    • Airflow optimization
    • Air loss
    • Cosmetics
    • Lighting
    • Interior Panels
    • Price Tag Molding
    • Shelving Repairs & Replacements