Open Showcase Night Curtains

Gina Marie installs and services all types of Open Showcase Refrigeration or Cold Storage units. These may also be referred to as Open Multi-Deck Pulldown Curtains, Night shades, or thermal curtains. Gina Marie installs and services these energy-saving curtains for all types of multi-deck service cases. These are often found in Supermarkets, Convenience Stores, Airports, Grab and Go Locations, and more. The Open Showcases are great during the day as customers interact with the display--however, at night there is a need for showcase coverage in order to save energy.

Open Showcase Night Shades are the perfect solution. They can be used in both horizontal and vertical mounting applications, and can be purchased in black, grey, clear, and translucent white. Aluminum woven nightshades provide a higher R-Insulation Value when compared to Polyethylene plastic night shades. Night Shade covers mount directly to the cooler case and are installed in minutes for instant energy savings. These cooler covers are also valuable during power outages when food is at risk of spoilage. When not being used, Night Shades fold over the top of the cooler, remain out of the way, and are automatically retractable.

Gina Marie installs and services all manufacturers.