Honeycomb & Peg Board Baffle for Open Showcase

PLASTIC HONEYCOMBS IN REFRIGERATION – provide major benefits when added to open multi-deck service cases. Stimulates proper airflow which allows products to be maintained at desired temperature behind a curtain of cold air.

What’s more, this installation is an investment in energy efficiency.

Honeycombs capture contaminates like dust, dirt, and debris that accumulates on the back side of the honeycomb.
PEG BOARD BAFFLES – can be applied in open showcases (ex: hanging cheeses or cold cuts). The flat baffle on top or above the case pegs will direct airflow to the front air curtain.
Gina Marie installs and services these baffles to get the temperatures lower in the showcase. The combination of peg board baffle installation and honeycomb change outs will achieve a 3 -7-degree temperature pull down.