Years in Business Brings About Client Satisfaction

When partnering with Dan and David, clients also realize that Gina Marie Refrigerator Doors will not always suggest a new piece of equipment.

“We’re a life support line for a lot of our customers. We fix it or do what needs to be done to hold them over until we can fix it,” said Dan Rizzo.

In many cases, the Gina Marie team will fabricate parts that are no longer manufactured or fix items that are years out of warranty before suggesting a brand-new install.

“One of our niches is that we always find a way,” said Dan Rizzo. “When other people can’t get it done, we figure it out. We’ll make proactive repairs as well.”

“Anyone who says we’re too expensive and tries another avenue, we usually see them again. When we do work, our goal is for the next call to be for something else in the store, not the item we just worked on. It’s never meant to be a hold for a little bit, it’s meant to be fixed!”

Dan Rizzo went on to tell how one particular 7/11 location loves that his team continues to fix and service their 1972 refrigerator doors. For years, this client has employed Gina Marie because it is the only company that will fabricate the necessary parts.

This work sample is consistent with the attention to detail and custom approach that Gina Marie’s service technicians will take. Rizzo explained further that while other companies might fix one particular problem, Gina Marie will create a plan so that issues do not reoccur.

“The anti-sweat industry and the heating element industry is a lot like Christmas lights,” explained Dan Rizzo. “When one thing goes wrong, then many things can occur. So, for our clients, we often create independent systems, so they don’t lose the whole enchilada (or the whole anti-sweat system) [laughs].”