Self Feeder, Gravity Shelving

Gina Marie is equipped to install or service Gravity-Fed Shelving. This is also called Roller Shelving and/or Self-Fed Shelving.

Roller Track shelving allows shoppers to make decisions quickly and easily. This is a low-maintenance, labor-saving shelving solution. Products are always organized--boosting sales and decreasing any stocking issues.

We design, retrofit and install these types of shelves. This type of shelving also applies to:

The product is designed to “layover” the pre-existing shelving. So, it is not necessary to install brand-new. Either way, the product will work for single items as well as larger cases.

Gina Marie includes “product stop” on the front in a clear non-breakable plastic. We remove your pre-existing price tag molding and replace with a black & clear flip up price tag molding (regular price & SKU code are underneath and sales price is on top). This provides efficiency for re-orders and keeps shelving neat.

Back of the shelf a “product stop” included so a customer does not push product off the back of shelf and onto cold room floor.

“Planogram tag molding” mounted on back “product stop” inside the cold room so employee looking at shelves from the back can see that depleted stock without having to go to the customer side of the Vault Glass Reach Doors section

“We also install gravity-fed shelving that when empty, the six pack of Bud feeds in. And if it needs to be restocked, the employee can see this from the backside. The shelves always look neat and stocked, the employees are freed up because they don’t need to go in from the front to check it, and they don’t have to open the door in the front so the new shelving saves energy," according to CEO, Dan Rizzo.

At Cool Vines in Hoboken, NJ (see photos) Gina Marie installed eight doors with this revolutionary product behind them (not to mention new LED lighting)

Advantages Include: 

  • Validated Sales Lift of 8% due to consistent product visibility
  • Eliminate Manual Fronting, saving in labor costs
  • Gain up to 20 facings in a 10 door lineup by utilizing "Product Lane Dividers"
  • Faster Restocking Time
  • Planogram Flexibility: "Product Lane Dividers" can be adjusted for all product widths
  • 5-year warranty

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