Vault Walk-In Glass Cooler Display Doors

Since the introduction of Glass Display door systems in 1958 Gina Marie has been installing and servicing these style doors.

Modular Picture Framed Units containing 1 to 5 door sections are cut into existing walk-in box designs to provide access for store owners to load shelving from inside the cooler in lieu of wasting energy and loading shelves from the front pouring cold refrigerated air into the store.

We have always offered an alternative to buying new and are able to provide the following services:

  • Rebuild your existing cooler glass doors to self-close automatically
  • Supply & install new gasket door seals to hold in refrigeration and lower utility bills, shorten compressor run time hence increasing the life of your equipment.
  • Supply & Install Anti-Condensate Heaters to eliminate condensation on door frames, doors and glass where the accumulation of water puddles on the floor causing hazardous conditions for employees & customers.  Needless to say, it damages floors and even creates an environment for bacteria to grow.
  • People can’t buy what they can’t see” Increased sales are created by having clear glass and brilliant lighting on product. We at Gina Marie are the leaders and innovators in Refrigerator Door Repairs & Modernization.
  • Supply & Install updated LED lighting to enhance your product with a coloring rendering index that matches your stores Environment without causing eye blinding glare when looked at on an angle.
  • Supply & Install updated gravity type shelving that is loaded from the back and automatically feeds as customers pull selected items for purchase.