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Long Island, NY

Freehold, NJ

Newark, NJ

New Haven, CT

Philadelphia, PA

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Locations in Long Island NY, Freehold NJ, Newark NJ, New Haven CT and Philadelphia PA

Customers can't buy what they can't see. Gina Marie provides condensation proof sliding glass doors for medium temperature cold storage needs.

Medium Temperature Sliding
Glass Doors

  • Glass door replacements available
  • Bottom roller assemblies
  • Handles and door stops
  • Anti-Sweat Door rail and Door Glass Heaters to eliminate condensation because customers cannot buy what they cannot see
  • Gaskets for both frame and door
  • New doors and frames for existing openings
  • Uses range from beverage, deli and large floral doors
  • Heated glass for larger door applications

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We offer repair service for all manufacturers.