Gina Marie Emphasizes Proactive Service to Combat Supply Chain Issues

In a world where “everything new ain’t built like it used to be,” Gina Marie refrigerator door
medics have breathed new life into “classic” cold storage equipment. This team of professionals
have been able to repair heavily used, damaged, or out-of-service cold storage units.

The current business climate’s supply chain issues have created 26-52 week lead times for
business owners who want to order new cold storage equipment. So, rather than installing new
appliances, Gina Marie’s crew has had to be more resourceful than ever before when
diagnosing issues, suggesting repair services, and providing solutions based on equipment and
materials that are currently available.

Diagnosing a Cold Storage Issue

More often than not, Dan Rizzo of Gina Marie Refrigerator Doors is assessing cold storage
problems for restaurants, supermarkets, and convenience stores. Rizzo and his crew are called
to the scene to address clients’ concerns about cold storage equipment. Lately, the team has
been busy servicing old appliances to combat difficulties surrounding the procurement of new

“If it’s an old, rusty, crusty cold storage box, we have to figure out how to make it work in the
meantime,” said Rizzo.

Rizzo finds himself often listening to his customers’ difficulties with cold storage machinery–just
like a mechanic hearing his customers try to mimic the weird sound, their vehicle is making.

“There might be a cold storage panel that is too large, or their chef’s table might be falling
apart,” said Rizzo. “We go out to assess problems and also make suggestions for proactive

Suggesting Budget-Sensitive Solutions for the Long Term

Rizzo is a consistent advocate for equipment repair before buying new. In the past, he’s
advocated for this option to be budget sensitive. Lately, this has been his only option because
ordering new equipment is taking up to a year in some cases.

“We’ve been redoing a lot of the floors in walk-in boxes with a new insulated metal panel. In
some cases, we’ve done epoxy or PVC flooring,” explained Rizzo. “We’ll also paint the
walk-in box, the coils, and ultimately bring it back to life.”

Rizzo is often able to give customers various service options to provide solutions for cold
storage woes. What’s more, Rizzo genuinely doesn’t want more issues to occur after he’s
done a project. So, in many cases, he will devise a plan to effectively solve problems
before they occur. In one recent case, he was able to place a new equipment order for his
client and at the same time fix the old walk-in box for current operations.

“If the customer has a cold storage panel that is too big we can reconfigure, re-size, and
change the location of that door. We can fabricate in-house, custom-fit everything on site,
and in some cases resurrect from the dead,” said Rizzo, who has been called the
Michaelangelo of refrigeration. “I’ll ask, ‘When do you need the box to be cold?’ and we’ll
work back three days to make it happen.”

Gina Marie’s Service Leads to Solutions

The Gina Marie team is well known to provide services that offer business owners cold
storage solutions. These solutions often reveal new beneficial efficiencies in the future.
Rather than Rizzo’s clients being blindsided by the cost of new equipment, his team’s
services allow businesses to continue using their current appliances. Additionally, the
Gina Marie’s team’s provided solutions offer compounding cost savings–for example, when
the refrigerator door has a new snug fit that contains cold conditions inside the box.
“One recent project started because a previous customer referred me–knowing that he would
not be able to design, build and install a new chef table within the time needed for his grand
opening. Instead of custom-building a new Chef Table at $2,000 to 3,000 per foot (depending
on options chosen)–we restored (back to original OEM -Original Equipment Manufacturer-
specifications along with refrigeration upgrades) their existing 25-foot Chef table
and their 12-foot prep table”, recalled Rizzo.

After over 30 years in this business, there aren’t many projects that surprise Gina Marie’s
team–just those that require some extra planning.

“At another job, we resized a refrigerator door, closed off the place where the old door
was, and fabricated a new, custom-built door,” said Rizzo.

In this case, the customer could choose to use their refurbished cold storage box until a
new unit becomes available. At that time, they would also have the choice of taking the
old unit out or converting it to a freezer while also adding the new refrigeration unit.

“Customers will thank us because we’re able to plan ahead and set a date for a new install
if need be,” explained Rizzo. “In other cases, we make suggestions for proactive service
before ‘the brake light comes on’ so to speak.”

After a conversation with Dan Rizzo of Gina Marie, it’s apparent that the team strives to fix
cold storage equipment to operate as close to “new” as possible.

“From finishes to flooring applications, to modernization, and rehabbing cold storage
doors of a walk-in box.”

Rizzo and company have cultivated a reputation for hard work and success that has built a
community of satisfied individuals. Business owners in the restaurant, convenience stores,
and supermarket industries have benefited from Gina Marie’s efficiency when solving
issues, providing service, diagnosing future problems, and recommending proactive