Flexible Impact Swing Doors

Multi-Function Durability

Flexible impact fabric traffic doors (also known as Flap Doors or Flapper Doors) are often the best solution for those difficult applications where wide loads are passing through narrow door openings. All flexible impact traffic doors operate on top mounted only, gravity-operated hinges that open easily and close automatically. There are no bottom hinges present for loads to damage or for the user to maintain. You will find that we are also very flexible when it comes to custom designing the right flexible door for your specific application.

Gina Marie Refrigerator Door Systems' Flexible Swing Doors are for use with freezers, coolers or personnel doors. They work on a self closing gravity hinge that is top mounted with no bottom hinge to knock off or maintain. They are low maintenance and stay flexible in tempratures to -30°F. They come with protective kickplates & high impact flexible windows.

These are accepted for meat & poultry processing areas, under U.S.D.A inspection regulations.