Commercial Cutting Board Services

Why use Gina Marie for your cutting boards for both Sanilite and Sani-tuff?

We are now offering Sanalite cutting boards and a Sanalite Cutting Board Resurfacing Service with the option of a "Swap Out/Rotation program" so you will never have to be without a cutting board.

Sanalite cutting boards are better than wood in that they do not absorb the juices from meat that in some cases carry disease. Sanalite has many uses, from home use to commercial food preparation and in some of the largest packing plants in the United States.

SANALITE ® is an odorless and taste-free pebbled finished cutting board material recognized as the industry standard of excellence for use in food preparation and meat/poultry processing. Sanalite® is lightweight, easily cleaned and sanitized, and is compliant with FDA , USDA, NSF and Canada AG standards. Sanalite® Cutting Board is also available in Natural Polypropylene for users who prefer a harder cutting surface and added stain resistance. Sanalite® can be resurfaced by a trained professional.

  • Non-Absorbant
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to Clean
  • Complies with FDA , USDA, NSF and Canada AG Standards
  • Also Available in Natural Polypropylene for a Harder Surface

Service Details

We have a minimum of $500.00 + Sales Tax on cutting board refinishing services which includes , pick up of boards finishing both sides of cutting and delivery of boards.

This service is designed for locations with 10 cutting boards or more and based on the quantity, size and type of board will determine the overall finishing cost.

The $500.00 minimum can include the addition of new boards as well.

The following information is needed to provide a proposal:

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