Clear-View E-Z Open Flexible Flapper Doors

Flexible Doors differ from solid flexible fabric doors and are less expensive. Gina Marie Refrigerator Door Systems’ Clear-View Doors:

  • Extend compressor life
  • Reduce runtime and save energy
  • Open with less than one pound of pressure
  • Last longer and are easier to walk through than strip doors
  • Panels don’t stick together, and are not affected by moisture
  • Two clear panels per door for maximum visibility
  • Auto close feature locks cold air in
  • 10 year rust proof warranty

Our Clear-View Doors DO NOT DRAG OVER CARRIED OR PUSHED ITEMS and offer better temperature control for faster recovery time and less draw on the compressor. Two panels keep temperatures lower than strips and are able to be vertically adjusted for proper door fit.

Our Clear Vu Doors keep food fresher, safer, longer.